About Us

How we got started

The Club was founded in June 1997 by combining several small groups of bikers from the local area into one organised unit. Some of these had been members of Clubs previously, for others it was a new experience. The idea was to establish a Club where ALL people interested in bikes to whatever degree would be welcome, running with the minimum of politics and with the aim of having fun with like minded people.

Tsunami199x.jpg The word "Tsunami" is Japanese for great wave and was adopted for the name of the Club so that, in time, we can aim to be a “great wave of riders” – a fantastic image to picture.

What we’re about

We are an active and easy-going, friendly bunch which enjoys the rallying and partying aspects of the biking world (holding our own extremely successful events and attending other events nationwide) as well as the straight forward but awesome feeling of riding together. Whether you’re male or female, learner or veteran, biker or triker, disabled, pretty, clever or otherwise – as far as we’re concerned you are part of a wonderful lifestyle and welcome to join us for a chat, a laugh and a drink anytime. Over time, we have forged very good relations with many other Clubs, particularly in Kent and are involved in donating to various charities (Kent Air Ambulance; Kent Kids). We have had some very successful ride-outs, like the Easter Egg run to children's homes in the area. Check-out the events and photos to see what's happening/happened in the Tsunami Riders world. We also support the National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD), the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) and The Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) all of which we are affiliated and are committed to promoting biking and bikers in a good light.

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